These Aquabells are ideal for resistance training exercises during aquacise classes or in the privacy of your own home pool.  They consist of four high density closed cell foam ends with a rigid pvc handle. They are sold in pairs.

LIZZARD - Aqua Gloves

lizard neoprene aqua glove blue_000
  Neoprene comfortable webbed gloves ideal for extra resistant training during swimming or Aquacise.

SPEEDO - Aqua Gloves


The Features of the Speedo Aqua gloves are;

  • For strength
  • Endurance
  • Technique
  • Burns Calories

AQUA Kids - Standard Noodles

Aqua Kids 65mm Hexagon Noodle 2m


The Noodles are 2metres long and have a diameter of 65mm, they are hexagonal in shape and are made of a durable high density foam.  These noodles do not absorb water and are extremely durable and long lasting.  They come in a variety of marbled colours such as, green/blue and red/blue.  Plain colours are available on request.

Uses: LTS, Aquacise/aquaerobics and leisure

AQUA Kids - Slim Noodle

55mm Noodle 


This Noodle is 2 metres long and has a diameter of 55mm, it is hexagonal in shape and is made of a highly durable and long lasting high density foam.  Because this noodle is smaller in diameter it will not have the same buoancy attributes as the Standard Noodle(65mm diameter).

Uses: LTS, Aquacise/aquaerobics and leisure