Goggles ARENA



ARENA - Cobra Ultra Mirror - R 835.00

ARENA - Cobra Ultra Non-Mirror - R 695.00

ARENA - Cobra Core

High Performance racing goggle with the folowing features:

    PC (Polycarbonate) with mirror coating: Hard lenses with superior optical properties ensuring perfect vision. Antifog and shatterproof.
    TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber) moulded over the lens ensuring perfect sealing and no water entry.
    Interchangeable - 4 sizes povided
    Silicone dual strap RFA (Racing Fit Adjustment). RFA provides a secure fit for expert swimmers who need a strong and tight fit to secure the goggle during the dive.

ARENA - Tracks Mirror

This amazingly comfortable racing goggle has the following features;

  • Low profile ploycarbonate lenses
  • Anti-fog and UV protection
  • Multiple choice in nosebridges
  • Silicone tubular headstrap with rear buckle adjustment

ARENA - Nemesis Active

This comfortable one-piece unibody junior goggles are ideal for training and leisure and have great peripheral vew as well as the following features;

  • CP (Cellulose Propionate) curved lenses
  • Anti-fog and UV protection
  • Unibody injected TPR frame and nosebridge
  • Silicone headstrap with automatic Adjust Control System side clip