Standard Teacher Pack 

AQUA Kids - Standard Teacher Packs


The Teacher-packs are designed specifically for swimming instructors.  They consist of four kickboards (Turbo or Standard) a set of four diving rings and a set of four diving sticks.  The Standard board is suitable for all ages and levels.

This set includes four Standard boards, four diving rings and four diving sticks.

Belt Float 

SPLITZ - Belt Float (6 Floats)


The Belt-Float can be used to assist children and adults who are learning to swim.  The Belt-Float is strapped around the waist of the swimmer and gives the swimmer enough buoancy to feel secure in the prone position or when learning to tread water.  As confidence and buoyancy improves floats can be removed.  The belt is also available with more floats( 12 Floats or 18 floats) for use during aquaerobics/aquacise, for the disabled or for deepwater therapy.

Froggy Float 

AQUA Kids - Froggy Float


The Froggy Float is a great confidence builder.  It enables the young swimmer to swim freely using unrestricted arm and leg movements.  The Froggy is strapped around the hips of the swimmer with the childproof snaplock below the navel(belly-button).  Floats can be removed as confidence improves.  This float should be used under competent adult supervision as it is NOT A LIFE PRESERVER, it is purely a teaching aid and confidence builder.  Children love to take their Froggies for a "ride". They come in a wide range of colour combinations. Colours used include blue, green, yellow, cherry and purple. The belt has a childproof snaplock as well as a tri-glide to prevent the belt slipping.

Teacher Froggy Float 

AQUA Kids - Teacher Froggy Floats


The teacher Froggy has been specifically designed for use during swimming instruction to accommodate different confidence and ability levels. The set consists of one Froggy with 3 Floats, one with 2 Floats and one with 1 Float.  The belts all have childproof snaplocks as well as a tri-glide to prevent the belt slippng.  These are taeching aids only, they are NOT LIFE PRESERVERS.

Aqua Kids 65mm Hexagon Noodle 2m

AQUA Kids - Standard Noodles


The Noodles are 2metres long and have a diameter of 65mm, they are hexagonal in shape and are made of a durable high density foam.  These noodles do not absorb water and are extremely durable and long lasting.  They come in a variety of marbled colours such as, green/blue and red/blue.  Plain colours are available on request.

Uses: LTS, Aquacise/aquaerobics and leisure

55mm Noodle 

AQUA Kids - Slim Noodle


This Noodle is 2 metres long and has a diameter of 55mm, it is hexagonal in shape and is made of a highly durable and long lasting high density foam.  Because this noodle is smaller in diameter it will not have the same buoancy attributes as the Standard Noodle(65mm diameter).

Uses: LTS, Aquacise/aquaerobics and leisure 

1m Mini-Noodle & 65mm noodle 

AQUA Kids - Mini-Noodles


These Mini-noodles are 1 metre long and have a diameter of 55mm.  They are hexagonal in shape and are made of durable high density foam.  They do not absorb water. are extremely durable and long lasting.

Uses: LTS, aquacise/aquaerobics and leisure.

Standard and Midi Boards 

SPLITZ - Kickboards - Standard and Midi - From R132.00

These boards are manufactured out of extremely durable high density closed-cell foam.  These boards, although heavy out of the water are extremely supportive in the water and do not bend easily under pressure.  The quality of this foam is such that these boards do not scuff or damage easily under normal circumstances.  Because of its durability these boards are highly recommended for coaches and swimming instructors.  They come in a variety of strong colours.


Standard Board :3cm thick,  45cm long and 30cm wide. (450g)

Midi Board : 3cm thick,  40cm long and  25cm wide (300g)

The Midi boards are not only great for Learn to swim and Stroke work but are also ideal boards for travelling with. 

Splitz Turbo-Board
Turbo Board 

SPLITZ -Turbo Kickboard

The Turbo board is manufactured out of an extremely  durable high density closed-cell foam.  These boards are extremely supportive in the water and do not bend easily under pressure.  The superior quality of this foam is such that these boards do not scuff or damage easily under normal circumstances.  The Turbo board is an ideal board for all ages and levels however it is highly recommended for children from the age of +-18months as they can hug into the board and feel  more secure.  As the young swimmers progress they can slowly stretch out their arms across the board and get their head comfortably into the water, whilst still having the security of the board "around" them.

Dimension:  3cm thick, 42cm long and 40cm at its widest. 

Torpedo Pro Kickboard

A high quality, standard sized kickboard with handles.

Long Fins 

Aqualine - Long Fins (Swim Fins) From R263.00


The Aqualine Swimfins are ideal for young swimmers learning stroke techniques and for leisure swimmers wanting to keep fit.  As these fins are manufactured in the Far East the sizes are smaller than Western standards so when selectng your fin you should request one size up. 

  • They have flexible rubber blades.
  • Soft rubber foot pocket.


SPEEDO - Armbands


Features: High quality laminated PVC with safety valves, European standards safety approved, four sizes;

under 2yrs(15 kg max) 2-6yrs(25kg max) 6-12yrs(50kg max) 12+ yrs (Over 60kgs)

Benefits: Safe LTS product, Ideal for developing water confidence