NEW  A must have accessory for every swimmer. Keep your goggles, spare straps etc well protected in this EVA GoggleBox.

SPURT- Nose Clip


This Nose Clip is manufactured from pliable soft polycarbonate with soft contact point silicone pads. It is only available in white.


  • Flex adjustment.
  • Memory for custom fit.
  • Floatable.

Recommended for all ages.

SPURT- Silicone Ear plugs


Four soft silicone putty ear plugs which will mould easily for a comfortable fit, are included in a storage case. 


  • Re-usable

Recommended for all ages.

Speedo - Universal Nose Clip

Speedo - Nose Clip 

The Universal Nose Clip is manufactured from Nylon TR90 and silicone.  Its design ensures an optimum fit with maximum comfort.


  • Memory plastic frame.
  • Super soft silicone pads.
  • Re-usable case.

Recommended for all ages.

Speedo - Biofuse Earplugs

Speedo - Earplugs 

The Biofuse Earplug has been designed to ensure easy insertion and removal with maximum comfort. 


  • Soft and pliable
  • Moulds to fit all ears.
  • Tab design.
  • Custom fit.

Recommended for all ages. 

FROGBAGZ - Mesh Accessories Bag

Accessories Bags 

They are manufactured out of an extremely durable polyester mesh which is washable and quick drying.  The purpose of these bags is to allow equipment in the bags to dry off easily thus avoiding the build up of mould and bad smells.  These bags are also great for the beach, caravaning, camping and for other sports and activities.

The versatile Accessory bag is manufactured out of a polyester mesh with a nylon zip.  It is ideal for keeping goggles, caps, costumes and small items together in the larger sports/togbag so they can be easily found.  They come in a variety of colours.


  • Washable polyester mesh.
  • Strong nylon zip.

Size: 23cm high X 26cm wide

Arena - Anti-Fog Solution 35ml

Arena Anti-fog-Spray and Swim 


Safe for the eyes and no need to rinse or wait, bring your old goggles back to life with this Arena Anti-fog spray. quicker and more effective than traditional sprays, this new revolutionary formula delivers extraordinary clarity and vision!

Volume: 35ml

Gala Log Book

Gala Logbook 

This A5 log book is ideal for recording all swimmmers race times.  The book is divided up into the four strokes, Individual medley as well as openwater swims.  Each section is has pages for each distance.  The following information can be recorded in each section;

  • Date
  • Event/Gala
  • Long or short course
  • Times
  • Splits for longer distance
  • Comments




Swimseal are a preventative drops designed to protect the ear canal against water without compromising its natural functions. 

Swimsealhas a unique formulation that coats the external ear canal,  the oil component protects the delicate skin from the harmful effects of prolonged and repeated exposure to water, thus vastly reducing the chances of infection and/or swimmers ear. 

It must not be used to treat infection but rather to prevent.  All that is required is 2-3 drops in each ear before exposure to water.

Composition: Each 7.5ml contains Tea Tree oil 2.5% and polysiloxane 97.5%

Replacement Silicone tubing - Paddles


The packs of tubing come in one metre lengths.  The tubing is a high quality latex tubing 4mm thick. 

It can be used for most types of hand and finger paddles.

SPEEDO - Silicone Strap & Clip