AQUA Kids – Froggy Float

AQUA Kids – Froggy Float

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Froggy Floats are great confidence builders

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The Froggy Float is a great confidence builder.  It enables the young swimmer to swim freely using unrestricted arm and leg movements.  The Froggy is strapped around the hips of the swimmer with the childproof snaplock below the navel(belly-button).  Floats can be removed as confidence improves.  This float should be used under competent adult supervision as it is NOT A LIFE PRESERVER, it is purely a teaching aid and confidence builder.  Children love to take their Froggies for a “ride”. They come in a wide range of colour combinations. Colours used include blue, green, yellow, cherry and purple. The belt has a childproof snaplock as well as a tri-glide to prevent the belt slipping.


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