Aqualine Long Swim Fin

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Fins are great for working on your power, technique, strength and endurance without causing extra strain on the upper body.


Rubber blade, Soft rubber foot pocket

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Long blade swim fins are made with a longer, more flexible heel and blade, and a flat edge to help create more resistance and flexibility in your kick. While covering more surface area in the water it ultimately helps activate your muscles to elevate your legs and hips.Long blade swim fins are a good option for beginner and intermediate level swimmers who are looking for easy speed, comfort and flexibility in the kick.

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Long Fin

Grey/Light Yellow (Kid Size: 10-12), Grey/Royal (Kid Size: 12-13), Grey/Lime (Kid Size: 13-1), Grey/Aqua (Size: 1-3), Grey/Orange (Size: 3-5), Grey/Yellow (Size: 5-7), Grey/Red (Size: 7-8), Grey/Navy (Size: 9-10), Grey/Black (Size: 11-12), Grey/Grey (Size: 13-15)


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